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Marketing Ideas for Small businesses; advice, suggestions and support that will help your business grow.

Tell the world! Is a marketing consultation service set up to help small businesses like you with great products and service reach more customers.

Small businesses are not always in a position to employ a marketing teams, but a 90 min marketing consultation where you can learn to how to use cost-effective marketing ideas and tools that will help you get your business in front of more customers.

Tell the World! Works with you in a one on one consultation. Together we will take a good look at your business and that of your competitors, identify your markets, your key selling points and help you create a marketing plan that you feel confident about using.

We have a toolbox of tried and tested marketing ideas & strategies, but we offer a bespoke service. Our aim is to be your sounding board so that together we can find marketing solutions that best fit your business’s needs, goals and ambitions.

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A marketing consultation with Tell the World will introduce you to a variety of marketing tools that you can use daily.

Are you ready for a brainstorming session?

Here are some of marketing ideas & strategies we will be looking at:

  • Social Media Platforms – Social media is a great cost-effective way to promote your small business, you just need to know how to navigate the platforms.
  • Websites – A constructive critical eye over your website to ensure that it is working hard for you.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – so you have a great website but how are you ranking, let’s look at key words searches and how to get your site onto page 1 of any search.
  • Designing adverts and press releases – Ideas on how to word your adverts so that they have the impact you want
  • Branding – Let’s make sure that you have a consistent look and feel, that gives off the right message about your business.
  • Blogging (WordPress Site Design) – Show off your expertise and creative writing skills by becoming a Blogger, we can get your started.
  • Know your market – We will help you focus in on your key markets. Customer profiling, competitor analysis and identifying your KPI’s (Key selling points) will ensure that you spend your marketing dollar wisely.
  • Monitor your results – Learn how to read the metric information so that know how each marketing campaign has worked and how much each enquiry has cost you.
  • Digital marketing and referrals – Let’s find out if Blogging (content marketing), database marketing, online directories and referrals will help your business grow.
  • Old school marketing – Digital marketing is King, but there is still room for radio, press and TV. Let us help you make the most out of these mediums.
  • Help for Seniors – Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks. If you are a Senior and you want help setting up your Facebook page or you’d like to follow your grandchildren on Instagram, we’d love to get your started.