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Marketing services offered by Tell the World about it.

So how does it work?

We start with you telling me about your business, what marketing tools you already use, what’s working and not working and what your goals and ambitions are for your business.

I generally like to spend an hour researching your field of business and running a constructively critical eye over what marketing tool you are currently using.

Then we meet, in person or via Skype

Usually the first meeting will be one or two hours long and takes the format of a brainstorming session. We can meet at your place of work or in a local cafe, or we can do everything over Skype. I’ll bring to the meeting ideas from my fact finding and you can tell me more about what you are trying to achieve for your business, together we draft out a plan and a series of marketing tools that you can use to achieve the results you want.

A marketing 2 hour review session, with post meeting action plan $255

$55 per hour thereafter.

Marketing tools for Small Business Auckland

What happens next?

Marketing tools and social media for small business Auckland

Option 1One off Marketing Consultation.

At the end of the meeting you may well feel that you have enough information and marketing tools to go ahead and implement a useable marketing plan all by yourself. This is great and I’m happy to answer any quick questions by email if you need me.


Option 2Ongoing Marketing Support.

You might decide that you need further help. You may want to implement the strategies we’ve discussed and try out some of the marketing tool suggested. We can then get together a few more times to ensure everything is running well and you are getting the results you want.

Think of Tell the World as stabilizer wheels on a bike, we are there until you are ready to ride alone.


Option 3 Contract me in.

You might decide that you are too busy to implement these strategies and learn how to use these maketing tools for yourself and you can ask Tell the World to take on some of the workload. You don’t need to employ a marketing person, you just contract us in as and when you need us.

It might be to schedule a weeks’ worth of Facebook posts, SEO your website, organise and promote an event, film a promotional video, do some competitor analysis (Secret shopper), review your metrics for the month, design a press advert or flyer, write your newsletter or email all your customers your latest offer.

Just tell us where and when you need the help  Contact us