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branding ideas for new businesses tell the world about it

Branding ideas to help you grow your new or small business.

You don’t have to be a huge corporate to build a strong brand. Simple branding ideas work just as well for small businesses and it’s easy to apply the concepts Coke and Colgate use to your new business be you a florist, cake decorator, wedding planner or dog groomer.

Getting Started

If you are planning to start your business this year then think hard about your visual identity, you are literally starting with a blank canvas so you can create anything you want. Don’t be daunted, you can of course tweak your branding ideas as you grow. A great way to start is by putting your ideas onto a big piece of butchers paper, doing this in the planning stages will help you to define the business image you wanted to convey to your customers.

By the time you approach a graphic or web designer you will have a very clear idea in your head of your businesses visual identity, which means you will be able to give a tight brief to your designers (saving a lot of time and money). Remember this is your vision not your designer’s visions, you have to give them a clear idea of what you want them to create.

Try the branding ideas exercise below

So, what is a Brand?

It’s the visual identify of your business. It works on an emotional level to convey a message of who you are to your customers.

The elements you need to be thinking about are

  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Message
  • Packaging

Consistency is key to good branding

Your client is looking for a brand that they can trust. Amongst the 100’s of brands they will see every day your brand needs to stand out, meet a need and be instantly recognisable. Once you’ve decided on a colour and font, your logo, your key message, then keep with it, don’t change the colour or style of your font for each marketing campaign you run.

The logo, message, colours and fonts you choose need to be the same on your business card, your flyers, your social media posts, your website, your packaging, your press adverts, your shops frontage and interior. These cues tell your client that you are professional and trustworthy.

Branding  Ideas Exercise

To help you decide how to pick the right visual identify for your brand ask  yourself these simple questions. Lucidpress came up with a simple formula that really helps kick off that brainstorming process. I suggest grabbing a big piece of paper and write down the answers to:

  1. What’s the purpose of my product? How will my product or service change things?

Examples – Convenience, improves heath & wellbeing, time saving, adds comfort, maintenance, adds style, improves happiness, saves you money, improves skills.

  1. What position will I take?

Ask yourself – Who is my customer? What problem do they need me to solve? What benefit will my product / service provide them? Why am I better / different from my competition?

          Example – My good friend runs a Doggie Daycare

  • Purpose – Convenience of someone else caring for my dog, making me happy, time saver.
  • Customer – Busy dog owners
  • Problem – Dog alone all day, no time to exercise them, I feel guilty!
  • Benefit – Happy place for dog, plenty of exercise and socialising, guilt free.
  • Why Me – Central location close to motorway, ideal for busy commuters, years of experience, I know dogs, you can trust me with your furbaby!!!.
  • Message – Sit, stay, play.

Once you’ve identified these key components the trick is to condense them into a sentence that sums up your brand. This is your brands visions

/ mission statement, and you will use it across all marketing ventures, it tells your customers what you are all about, what you do and why you do it.

Revisit this statement each year to ensure you are on track or if your business has changed direction.

      Some of my favourite mission / vision statements are:

  • Disney – Making people happy.
  • Starbucks – To Inspire and nurture human spirit, one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.
  • Ikea – To create a better everyday life for many people
  • Dove – We believe beauty should be a source of confidence and not anxiety
  1. Brand personality 

If your brand was a living, breathing person what would it look like?

Now granted this sounds a bit weird but think of a celebrity or movie character that might represent your brand, what’s their personality like?

Strong, sexy, quirky, funny, fearless, charming, kind, sensible, romantic,  professional, luxe…..

   Example – You’re a florist

  • Is your brand like Kim Kardashian – Luxe, sexy, strong, professional, fearless.
  • Or is your brand more Katy Perry –  Quirky, fun, charming, romantic.

If your brand is more Kim then you might lean towards richer darker colours, midnight blue, gold, black, emerald green. Your font might be heavier like Brooklyn or Metropolis, your logo stylish and simple.

If you are more Katy then you might go with candy pink, yellow, white, mint green and font types Bonjour or Serendipity, your logo might be more playful or vintage in feel.

So what are you waiting for grab some paper and start brainstorming.

Hopefully it gives you a direction with branding ideas, providing possibilities on colours and fonts that work for your brands personality. Helping to define your message, condensing it into a bite size caption that sums up what you are all about. Giving you a conceptual idea of a logo that you feel will represent you honestly, providing you a look and feel for your website that your designer can bring to life.

Good luck.

If you do need help then check out our marking services  Marketing help

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