Using social media to grow your business

So you are a small business, you know you should be using social media platforms, but you find it just too overwhelming keeping up or maybe you haven’t got a clue where to start!

Believe me you aren’t alone! Most small business are so busy with the day to day operations, making products, getting orders out, dealing with customers and staff, there is no time to keep up with the constant changes happening over at Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram.

using social media to promote your business

Using Social Media to promote your small business might look scary but once you know which platforms and tools to use and some of the short cuts to help you save time it’s easy and it will help you grow your business. You don’t need to be a marketing expert or overly Tech savvy to get a good result the main thing to remember is consistency, just keep doing it.

Here are 5 good reasons you should seriously think about using Social Media to promote your small business.

  1. Cost, boosting posts on social media is a lot cheaper than advertising in newspapers, radio, TV. These platforms allow you to spend your marketing budget wisely.
  2. Target your ideal market – You get to choose who you want to promote yourself to. There are a number of easy to use tools to help you pinpoint your ideal customer and get your message to them.
  3. Metric feedback – All the social media platforms will tell you daily how your promotion is working. If its not working you can stop or change at any time, don’t waste money on a campaign that isn’t firing.
  4.  Building a database – Your Followers are likely to become your customers, use social media platforms to build trust, provide product and service details, great images and interesting information, answer questions, showcase who are. These Platforms are your digital shop windows.
  5. Be where your clients are. – Ask your current clients which platforms they use and how long they spend there. Your client might spend 10 mins browsing the local newspaper but they are also likely to spend 2 hours a day on Facebook or Instagram. You need to be where where your customers are.


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