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About Nikki Canfield and why she started her Freelance Marketing Service, Tell the World About it.

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Hi, I’m Nikki and I started Tell the World about it because I felt that there was a real need for small businesses, creatives, therapists and health and wellness practitioners on the Hibiscus Coast and Auckland’s North Shore to be able to get affordable marketing help and learn how to use Social media effectively. I soon found that I was getting recommended and started working further afield using Skype and Zoom to talk with small business owners around the world.

I work a lot with women, often ladies over 40, who aren’t always tech-savvy,  who aren’t terribly confident with writing content for their websites or newsletters,  who aren’t always 100% sure about navigating social media.

Women who just need a helping hand to learn some good marketing practices.

My interest in the wellness industry started when I employed by Wellpark College where I worked daily with Therapists, Naturopaths, Nutritionalist, Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapist, Aromatherpiests and Herbalists. I realised that a lot of graduates went out into self-practice armed with amazing information to promote health and wellbeing but not a lot of understanding about how to promote and market themselves, their businesses and services.

I enjoy working therapists and practitioners in the health and wellness industry because they are trying to make a real difference in the world.

Marketing is crucial to getting any small business in front of potential customers, but when you are busy it’s hard to find the time.

You may well walk blindly into expensive marketing campaigns in the past and not reap a lot in return, or you might even have shied away from marketing altogether out of fear of getting it wrong.

So where exactly do you start on this marketing journey? Where is the best place to invest your marketing budget?

It can be overwhelming and the thought of bringing in a big marketing agency can be scary and costly. This is where Tell the World comes in, we can sit down together and take a good look at your business, your customers, your competitors, your current marketing strategies, your goals and ambitions and work out together the marketing help you need and tools that will get you where you want to be.

So who is Nikki?  A Freelance Marketer with a passion for the Health and Wellness Industy

I’m a working mum of two with a passion for ideas and motivating people to go after their dreams. I’ve worked in sales and marketing most of my working life, starting off as the youngest ever sales rep for the Yellow Pages (back in the days of those big directories). I went on to be the Advertising Manager for Flight Center and helped set up their “Local Store Marketing” concepts which gave me a great insight into grassroots marketing as well as the power of good Branding. I moved on to marketing and sales for Adventure World Travel and became their Canada and Alaska specialist, teaching me how to market and sell an intangible product, (a holiday of a lifetime). After having my two children I started to work in Education working with Wentworth College and lately for Welllpark College marketing their qualifications and courses to people wanting to become therapists and practitioners in Natural Health and Wellness industry.

Over the past year, I found more and more people were coming to me for marketing help, advice and ideas to get their new businesses up and running or revamp an existing business. It has been a great pleasure to work with these businesses and watch them flourish.

Over the past 30 years, marketing tools have changed dramatically. I cut my marketing teeth on TV adverts, radio and press, but today I find myself working more with social media platforms, blogging sites, websites and digital marketing. I’m constantly amazed at the array of marketing tools that are readily available, that offer great value for money, amazing metric feedback and best of all RESULTS!

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I would love to help you navigate the current marketing landscape and introduce you to some marketing tools and strategies that are easy to use and will help get you in front of your ideal customers.

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