How to do a Facebook Livestream Video – The 5 Pre-Filming Set-up Tips you need to know

You are thinking about being brave and doing your first Facebook Livestream Video.

Many of my clients are squeamish about doing their first Facebook livestream video and rightly so, none of us are trained broadcasters, we are all concerned about making fools of ourselves, we all suffer a little from imposter syndrome and wonder if what we are going to say will be interesting or relevant.

I tell my clients not to focus on being perfect but to ensure that the content they are putting out is good.  Ask yourself is what I’m sharing today, useful and relevant, will this information help someone else. If the answers are Yes then don’t hold back.

Facebook Livestream

To help you feel comfortable about filming your first Facebook Livestream video here are 5 pre-video set up tips that will ensure that you come across well and look professional.

  1. Choose a suitable Filming Location

Ideally, you want to set up for your first Facebook Livestream video somewhere quiet, where you will not be interrupted. You want to avoid recording the dog barking, the phone ringing, the kids bursting in. Not only will extra noise distract your viewers, but it will probably put you off your stride.

If you prefer to film outdoors that’s all good but read on to where we discuss Lapel Microphones.

You don’t need to invest in lots of lighting to film your first Facebook Livestream video, but pick a location that has natural light, you don’t want to film in the shadows. I would suggest filming against a neutral background, have one panting behind you if you’d like to add a bit of colour but avoid a cluttered background.

If you are filming your Facebook Live from your office don’t film it in front of your storage units or shelving. You don’t want your viewer losing focus because they are trying to read the titles of the books on your book shelve behind you.

Recap  Quiet Location,  Neutral Background,  Natural Light.


  1. Equipment

You do not need a lot of fancy equipment to film your first Facebook Live.

Tripods – I suggest that you invest in a tripod if you plan to film Facebook Lives on your phone. Either a mini desk tripod or an old camera tripod. Both will ensure that you have a still camera angle.

For me there is nothing worse than someone watching a Facebook Livestream video when the person is hand holding their phone, usually halfway through their arm gets tried and they develop shaking arm syndrome.

I’m also not a fan of Facebook Lives being filmed by someone who is walking around. Guaranteed to make the viewer feel motion sickness.

Filming with a tripod gives you a steady, still, professional camera angle, you won’t get distracted, you can just sit and talk.

Amazon has lots of Tripods to choose from Tripods

Lapel Microphones – Lapel Mics are a good investment if you are planning to film outside. A lapel Mic will allow your voice to be heard clearly over external noises such as traffic, wind, rain, insects, people. I work with a few Yoga teaches who like to film outside and lapel mics make all the difference to their presentations.

Lapel Microphones for filming Facebook Livestream Videos

Recap Tripod for a stable camera angle, Lapel Microphone for clearer audio.


  1. Test your Internet Speed

This might seem a little techy but it’s easy to do before you film your first Facebook Livestream. Jump onto and check your upload speed. Ideally, you are looking for between 2 and 2.5 mega bites per upload. If your upload is a lower number, you might lag and start pixelating whilst broadcasting. A quick internet speed allows for constant picture quality.

If you do have a lower upload speed there are several gadgets on the market place that can boost your Wifi signal or be upfront and honest at the start of your Facebook Livestream video and tell the viewer that your Wifi isn’t great. If your content is good then your viewer will forgive you poor picture quality.

Recap Test your Internet Speed.


  1. Camera Angles

Facebook Livestream videos are all about making personal connections with your viewers. Eye contact is the best way to achieve this. Set your tripod or laptop up close to your face, about a meter away. You want the viewer to be able to connect with your eyes, so don’t record from across the room.

You may prefer to sit a little to the right or left to capture your best side but maintain eye contact.

Recap Maintain Eye Contact


  1. Take a test run

Yes, you can test a Facebook Livestream video before you go live, well sort of…….

If you start recording but by choosing from settings to allow only yourself to see the broadcast before you do a test run, you will be the only person to see the video. This will allow you to check out what your viewers will be seeing before making your broadcasts public. Now don’t get too hung up on getting everything perfect but check out the sound quality, lighting and camera angles.

Practice – I would certainly recommend writing a script for your Facebook Livestreams at least until you are confident to film straight off the cuff.

I’ll be writing about content for Facebook Livestreams in the next Blog.

Recap  Test Run

You want to be looking directly at the camera and making eye contact.

So what are you waiting for give it a try, get your first Facebook live out of the way and share your knowledge with everyone? .
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