How to write content for social media posts

It was a slow realisation but eventually, I understood that the language I used in my content and social media posts determined how much engagement I received.

I’ve been creating content for years and I love SEOing websites and deciphering which keywords will have the most appeal, which keywords or phrases people will be searched to find a business or service. I thought that I was pretty good at writing content. I’d watched all the YouTube videos and read endless books from marketing experts.                            They’d taught me things like.

  • find the pain point and push,
  • solve a problem,
  • offer a solution,
  • entertain

And to a point, the Marketing Gurus were offering great advice on writing good content, but still, my engagement was dropping, my Likes were OK but nothing special.                   What was I doing wrong?

Investigating further I found that my content wasn’t that different from my competitors and other small businesses I admired and followed, but like mine, their Likes and engagement weren’t that high. We all had nice images, powerful captions, great content. We were all giving customers advice we felt they needed to grow their businesses, improve their lives, solve their problems.

Light bulb moment

And there is was LIGHT BULB moment we were all telling our customers what we felt they needed.

The language was always focused around the word YOU.

  • You should try this
  • You can do that
  • You only need
  • Your business will benefit from
  • Improve your …

Your customers like mine are probably fed up of being told what to do.

Sure, your advice is probably helpful and may well get results and change lives but the way we are delivering our content is not appealing.

If you are like me you probably scroll past 100 posts a day telling you that If you only try this idea, product or service your life will be easier better, more profitable.

So I started to look more closely at the posts and content that made me stop and the answer became clear pretty quickly.

YOU needed to be replaced with I.

The posts and content I stopped to look at told me a story of the writers’ experience.

  • I tried
  • I did
  • I went
  • I am
  • My business

This type of content felt more genuine, more real, not just advice but an experience that had resulted in either negative or positive results. I was able to learn from another persons experience. This content was far more valuable than someone telling me what I should do.

Personal content also made me feel more connected.

I is a real person, I has real feelings, I is a bit like me.

I immediately jumped onto my schedule posts and rewrote the content to reflect I and not you. Then I waited to see the results. The jump up in engagement was staggering. It was a light bulb moment, and to think I’d been writing content for years and never made this breakthrough before.

So I’m passing this tip onto you, when you finish reading this blog, jump onto your schedule social media posts and rewrite at least 4 of your posts. Change You to I and see if your engagement goes up.

Here are 10 examples to get you started.

  1. I have had a crazy week, the one thing that kept me going that I was looking forward to was …………
  2. I never leave the house in the morning without……..
  3. I had a real breakthrough last month when I changed ……..
  4. I wanted to try something new this week so I………
  5. I was asked this week about ……..
  6. I had great success with ……….
  7. I’ve been working with a customer who wanted….
  8. I helped a client to…… and wanted to share
  9. I found a great solution….
  10. I don’t know about you but I…..

Good Luck

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Written by Nikki Canfield 11.04.20

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