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Marketing Reviews for Tell the World about it – What other businesses say…

Puhoi Beaury review

I have a small business in the Rodney area and with Nikki’s assistance and expertise it has grown astronomically over the last year.  She is really approachable which I found refreshing, she really listened to what my business was about, who my customers where and want I wanted – as opposed to just having what she thought would work well, I really felt like we were in it together.  Nikki really does have the goods, not only did my business grow but I learnt lots from her too.  I cant recommend her highly enough.

Michelle Clarke, Puhoi Beauty
I’ve worked with Nikki for over 6 years on the Good as New Kids Market. She always does an amazing job of promoting and advertising the event. We always have a queue of people waiting at the door every market. Nikki really knows her way around social media and digital marketing, with her help we have gathered a great data base which makes contacting our customers so easy. Nikki is great to deal with, full of ideas, always enthusiastic and positive and keen to help us succeed.
Natasha Dufett, Good as New Kids Market
Nikki was first recommended to me by another business person. Having Nikki onboard with her marketing expertise, ideas, and skills contributed significantly to our business. Nikki’s personal and professional care, enthusiasm, reliability, hard work, and dedication achieving the business goals to support our success were second to none! I would recommend her services to any business owner, I actually already did
Tal Eyal, Flat out Tali

I highly recommend Nikki’s services to any business looking for help with their marketing, sales or for a second opinion.  Nikki has been hugely valuable to our business as she provides fresh thinking and energy. Her willingness to give anything a go has given us the confidence to do the same, step outside our comfort zone and try new things. We are experiencing greater engagement and sales leads since we started working with Nikki.

Gal Thompson, Secured Signing

I have gained so much from working with Nikki.  Having a goal of writing a travel book, I was very aware that unless I did some marketing, it would likely sit on my laptop for eternity.  However, I was clueless about where to begin.  Nikki gave me good, practical ideas about how to gain the attention and interest of businesses to invest in my idea.  From there, she talked me through the basics of starting out in social media and navigating the minefield of marketing tools.  Coming with a complete lack of any “know-how”, I really valued Nikki’s friendly, collaborative approach in supporting me going forward and I have no hesitation in recommending her.