Social Media is it necessary for Business

Social Media is it necessary for Business

Using social media to grow your business

Love it or hate it Social Media is very much a part of how we communicate with each other.

Some of you will have grown up with the varies platforms and feel completely lost without access to your Facebook or Instagram account and others of you will have watched it evolve over the past 12 years and be asking do we really need to be this connected to each other.

Do I really need social media to grow my business?

The simple answer is YES!

Over 2.5 billion people used Social media in 2018, that is an awful lot of customers that you could be missing out on if you decide not to engage with this marketing medium.

So where do you start? Which platform do you choose?  How often do you use it? How much of your marketing budget should you be spending here?

It may seem overwhelming but navigating your way around social media can be learnt quickly and unlike old school marketing mediums such as radio and press these new platforms provide amazing tools to measure metrics, you can track your results daily, adapt where necessary and ensure that you are getting maximum return on your marketing investment.

Each business needs a unique approach to how they promote themselves on social media, a florist or a jeweller may find Instagram works best for them, where as a hotel, a beauty therapist or a shop may decide Facebook works better. If you’re a business selling to other businesses, then LinkedIn might be your platform.  If you are selling to the youth market then you can’t overlook YouTube and if you sell to a niche market then Twitter will give you a voice to engage with your community.

A lot to think about right!

I’m certainly not saying you need to spend hours designing copy and posting across all the social media platforms. At most I’d encourage you to set aside 1-2 hours a week to work on social media.

When I sit down with clients, I take a big picture look at things, what are your goals and ambitions and what marketing ideas you have tried already to achieve your business dreams, what’s working and what isn’t. What’s your Key point of difference and why are you different / better than your competitors. Then we look at how we can package this information up and deliver across social media. Regardless of the platforms you work on I have 5 key points that I encourage all small businesses to think about.

My 5 Golden Rules for using social media effectively.

  1. Find out which social media platforms your clients use, then put yourself there. If only 2% of your customers use Twitter, don’t waste your time on this platform
  2. Consistency – Post on a regular basis. It may take a good year to build up a following but this won’t happen unless you are posting on a weekly basis.
  3. Good content – Ensure that what you post is engaging.
  4. Call to action – Tell the reader what you want them to do next, sign up, read more, buy now, contact us.
  5. Review your metrics – Find out how well your posts are performing and adjust accordingly.


Keep checking out my blogs and Facebook posts for, I’d like to provide you with usable information about marketing and social media. I’ll make comment on the changes and new trends in social media as they happen and make it more relevant for you to use in your day to day environment.

Nikki Morgan

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